Lostrum Cup Sunday August 11, 12:00

Announcing the

2011 Lostrom Cup Trophy Races

and Cocktail party*

*B.Y.O.B; Beer and Wine sponsored by friends of Bob

 Sunday, August 7th

A-Cat skippers meeting:  Noon at IHYC

1:00 PM First Race

Race Registration $20

Awards immediately following the

Last race at IHYC (3:30 ish)

Adults $10

In honor of Bob’s love of animals we are asking everyone to also bring some type of animal food to be donated to the Popcorn Park Zoo.  Canned or dry food for cats or dogs is welcome as is bird seed.  Thank you!

Chaired by P.C. Arthur & Tracy Bailey and P.C. Michael and Katie Frankovich

2011 Lostrom Cup

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Dangers of our sport

So we are reminded yet again that we play in a dangerous sport, whether big boats or small, bay or offshore.

And we had two situations during last Saturday’s BBYRA that had the potential to be “tragic accidents”. While the collision between the A-cat Spy and E-scow Gator was obviously potentially quite serious and needs to be addressed, I am almost more concerned by the two crew members who were swept off Spyder at the leeward mark in an unplanned jibe.

Neither crew member was wearing a life preserver and their spray tops made it hard to swim. And both were wearing dark colored spray tops which made it hard to be seen by the other oncoming, hard charging A-cats and E-scows, let alone any rescue craft.

This is not the first time both of these conditions were involved. We need to teach our young sailors better and we need to remind our older sailors that they aren’t immune by virtue of their greater experience.

We play at a potentially dangerous sport and everyone needs to mindful of that fact and pay better attention, before the next by-line is Barnegat Bay.

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Callahan Regatta — Friday, July 22

Subject: Callahan Regatta — Friday, July 22

The 14th Annual John Callahan Classic Boat Regatta will be held at Bay Head Yacht Club on Friday, July 22.

Classes invited include A-Cats, Sanderings, Sandpipers, Sneakboxes and M-Scows.

Registration:   9:30 – 11:30 am
Sailors Seminar:  10:00-11:30 am
(guest speakers include Will DeCamp, Mark Beaton, Peter Hurley, Glen Dickson and Henry Bossett)
3 races with 1:00 pm start
Awards following the races

Registration Fee is $25, which includes coffee, bagels, OJ, 2 lunches
Extra lunches and dinner are available, and cash bar following the races.

**  E-Scow and Ideal 18 slalom will be held after awards in front of BH **


ALSO, PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAIL AN M-SCOW — we will try to procure a boat for you.

Hope to see alot of M’s on the 22nd.

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