2011 Annual A-Cat meeting

Hello A-Catters,

We had a great annual A-Cat meeting at the Toms River Seaport Society Museum a few weeks ago. I wanted to report what we discussed and changed at the meeting. The updated rules are posted on the website.

1. We changed the maximum wind speed limits units we can race in from knots back to miles per hour. This has the effect that it lowers the wind speeds we will start and race in from 23mph to 20mph.

2. We will ask all sailmakers of A-Cat sails to certify that their sails are made according to the class rules. This has the effect that we do not need to measure sails.
3. We removed the maximum crew weight restriction of 1600lb from the rules.

4. We are still investigating ways to handicap the fleet. Henry Colie will look into GPS tracking system prices and data capabilities and report back on suitability to this end.

5. Two ideas were introduced to help the BBYRA RC to make sure we have two races on those two race days: if lighter winds, have the first race be a shorter course; if e-scows are recalled more than two times, then the a-cats start ahead of them.

6. We will do a weigh-in at deRouville’ the Friday before the Wanamaker race in 2012

Congratulations to Torch for winning the Fleet Captain trophy!

Thank you to Peter Chance for taking such good notes!

Many thanks to Dan for hosting the meeting at the Museum and for the sandwiches and drinks.

Happy Holidays to all and hope to see you for another great A-Cat sailing season in the new year.