2012 A Cat Weights

At the June 29 2012 attached are the results of the A Acat weigh in

acat weigh in 2012

2012 Overall Results

A Cat Overall 2012 series Results as of 11:14 on October 1, 2012 Overall Sailed: 21, Discards: 4, To count: 17, Entries: 12, Scoring system: Appendix A Rank Boat Club HelmName Wan BH/MC BH/MC2 IH IH 2 MA/MR MA/MR-2 TRSS TR SAYC SAYC2 OG/PB LT LEHYC BD BD2 LA LA2 Midd SPYC Worlds Total Nett […]

A Cat Fleet captain Final results as of 9/25/11

2011 A Cat final Results 9.25.11

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Overall Fleet scores as of 9/11/11

A cat overall Fleet results as of 9.11.11

Results thru 8-23-11

Results thru 8-8-11

Results thru 7-26-11

Results thru 7/10/2011

Wannamaker Weekend, June 2011

wannamakerweekend 2011

2010 Fleet Captain Results